Players will be able to switch between different Switch consoles without losing saved games with update version 8.0.0

On Tuesday, Nintendo came up with a powerful update for its Switch device which will enable a user to switch between different Switch consoles without losing saved games .

The new update version 8.0.0 by Nintendo will provide options to transfer game data from Nintendo Switch to another Nintendo console. This means that players can basically switch consoles without losing their saved games and data, it sounds like a feast for the Nintendo players. The new update will be of more use when Nintendo releases another model in the Switch series.

“Players would be able to take data from any game they played on the Switch, such as Super Mario Odyssey or The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, to any new system,” Nintendo spokesperson told one of the leading news channels.

Besides providing switching devices feature without losing game data, Nintendo through the update has also added a method of sorting games in a player’s library. This feature will provide the ability to the players to sort games by categories including last played game, publisher, and total time played, this feature is also quite cool and useful.

Also, the latest update is providing other cool features including a “zoom option,” “restrictions for VR in the parental controls,” “prevention of waking the system while plugging it in” etc.

Reports say that the new update version 8.0.0 will be downloaded on the consoles automatically and players have to manually update the features in the system settings if found necessary.

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