Razer will soon provide toaster for its gaming fans

Recently Razer’s CEO Min-Liang Tan interacted with the news channel and in an interview reported that the company would soon start the development of the toaster for the PC gamers. The decision has been taken overlooking the demands of the fan, CEO Min-Liang Tan added.

Razer has decided to manufacture a toaster following a joke that started in 2013 according to which the fans demanded the company to manufacture a toaster. The CEO at that time created a Facebook page for the request and said that if the page receives 1 million likes, the wish will be fulfilled.

The Facebook page named “Give Us the Razer Toaster Please” soon got one million likes with the help of  2 members of the group.  Besides holding one million likes, the fans also made Razer Toaster tattoos to fulfill their wish.

Following the decision taken by the company, CEO Min-Liang Tan in one of the Facebook posts wrote: “Alright – I didn’t think these guys were going to make it – but they did. It was to hit 1M likes and with each Razer Toaster tattoo being equivalent to 100K likes each, and they now have 12 Razer Toaster tattoos”.

“Well, what can I say. I’ve just officially liked their page – and I’m going to put together my team of designers and engineers. It will take a few years – but I’ll be sure to share the progress – and make it a community affair. A Razer Toaster – For Razer Toaster Lovers. By Razer Toaster Lovers,” CEO Min-Liang Tan said.

One fan on the Facebook page “Give Us the Razer Toaster Please” wrote: “Thanks to all of you. Thought this would be my dream for the rest of my Life, but we made it. Thanks to all of those who got a tattoo. This community will be forever in my heart.”

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