Here’s The Complete Relationship Timeline

Well, well, well, here we have actress Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck share a romantic history!

While the whole wide world is sheltering in their own homes amidst the outbreak of the fatal Corona Virus, we have a new celebrity couple who is making quite the public debut. As we all know that Ben Affleck is 47 years in age and Ana de Armas is 31 years in age.

The pair have been linked together since their vacation in Cuba together earlier this month. After they have met on a film set in late 2019, they have decided to keep their relationship low key. But this decision has now been broken and here is everything revealed to the press.

De Armas and Affleck met back in the fall of 2019 while working on a film project together!

Back in the Fall of 2019, production began for the movie, Deel River which excels in the genre of psychological thriller. In this tale, Affleck and de Armas play the role of husband and wife. According to the sources that report for People, it has been revealed that filming for the movie wrapped up in New Orleans back in November.

This same source reports that even though the pair had great chemistry right from the start, they managed to maintain a professional relationship all throughout their work time. They say that Ben always seemed very happy and calm when he was around Ana but at that time there were no signs of romance. The source has also revealed that Ben was very focused on making a new movie, he even arrived early and was one of the last persons to leave.

Here are some links that show Ana and Ben hanging out together!

Their actual romance started when Ben reportedly ended things with Playboy model Shauna Sexton who is 22 years in age. Earlier this month, the pair were spotted at an airport where they were heading back to Havana, Cuba, which is Ana’s hometown. A source of People said that they are definitely dating because they were spot kissing by the paparazzi.

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