5 Early Spoilers Every Fan Should Know

Here we have everything new that is needed to be known about the next installment of The Last Of Us!

The curtain from the spoilers regarding The Last Of Us has been pulled off after the fans have come to know that a release date for this show is very, very near. it has been revealed by Sony Interactive Entertainment about the official synopsis for the upcoming PS 4.

This has provided the games with new story details apart from what we could learn from the past trailers. Demo sessions were also hosted by the naughty dogs on the same day.

Here are 5 major spoilers that could be concluded from the Demo!

  1. Both of these have cemented the fact that Ellie, who is 19 years in age, will play the leading role in this highly anticipated sequel of the survival horror adventure. These guys have not only told about Ellie but have also revealed about Joel’s part in the title.
  2. Joel, who is a bearded protagonist in this tale, has ways been shrouded in the haze of mystery ever since it was announced by Sony back in the December of 2016 about The Last Of Us part II. But as of now, with the launch day just five months out, his place in this story is finally becoming clear.
  3. The trailer of The Last Of Us part II that debuted on Monday suggests that the violent event was actually the death of Dina who is the budding love interest of Ellie. Ellie and Dina are seen setting off on a mission until things go rough and Dina is executed in front of Ellie.
  4. Although the Deno was split into two parts, the first served as a tutorial bit that featured Ellie and Dina traveling together while the other one revealed testers to the wild and brutal world.
  5. It has been reported by Kotaku that Ellie expresses her thoughts about watching a movie with Joel to which Dina replies sarcastically. This expression might suggest that Ellie is well aware of the fact that Joel forfeited the future of whole humanity just to save her life.

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