TikTok User Sent Behind Bars For Licking Deodorants And Other Products For Viral Coronavirus Challenge


A Missouri based man is sent behind bars after filming himself licking products from the store in a viral video.

According to the reports, the man is identified as Cody Pfister, 26, who has been exposed to a terrorist threat after the alleged coup, which is expected to occur around March 11.

A phone call informed the officers

Officers reported that a local resident came into the store and started filming himself intentionally licking the products. the suspect is taken in custody. charges are pending right now.

The video was first posted on Snapchat

According to sources, the video may have been posted on Snapchat first and then shared on Twitter. It was also found in the Pfister TikTok account. The motive behind filming this video is unclear. the officers are looking into the matter to find out the reason behind this.


Pfister is without bond in the Warren County Jail. According to Riverfront Times, court records indicate the suspect has already been convicted of theft, drunk driving, drug possession, and theft of a weapon.

The justice department of the country has given rights to use Anti-terrorist laws against the people who are intentionally disobeying the rules and regulations and are infecting other innocent people

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